S/Y Schwambo - sabbatical sailing or sale

New design and customised layout of Schwambo

It was the basic idea of the owner to build a sailing yacht with the highest amount of comfort: the extreme seaworthiness avoids stress and hassle even in very foul weather conditions. Cruising means to the owner to reach a destination without being exhausted from fighting against the sea.
Schwambo can be easily sailed by one person. A crew of two is ideal. Everything can be controlled from the cockpit with little power due to the use of oversized, best quality fittings from HARKEN, the two furlers, the nearby mainsheet gear and the hydraulic winch for the mainhalyard and the automatic single-line reefs.
All Hydras have a flush and clean deck, without any bulky equipment. The original one had a detachable small windshield. Schwambo has a low, tough windshield. Low enough to give good view around when doing "happy sailing, but ideal for protection in foul weather conditions, similar to the construction on the SUPER MARAMU, Shipyard AMEL.

To increase space inside the boat and make it a real comfortable cruiser, Schwambo does not have an aftcockpit, but asymmetric twin bilge keels with a Naca-profile, thus making her the latest edition of the famous Hydra design. This gives a shallow draft for safe sailing in beautiful, shallow waters like the Bahamas or the Motus of the Pacific. The previously used symmetric keels were not useful. With the new asymmetric keels the Hydra sails very good on up-wind courses. An additional positive effect of the twin bilge keels is reduced rolling, anchored in a swell.

The original rigging as a sloop with self-tacking jib was changed for the new Hydra types by adding a solid aluminum bowspreat and a cutterstay. This is the new type "semi cutter SC, giving increased comfort by the bow platform (safe bracket for the anchors and comfortable platform for entering and leaving when berthed bow-to).

The owners choice of a big-vessel-type hydraulic system makes anchoring and berthing easy: windlasses and bowthruster are much stronger and the chains are much longer than the usual ones used on this size of yachts. And they can work permanently without running out of electrical power. Setting and reefing the mainsail are very easy by using the strong hydraulic winch, if neccessary.

Once installed properly the hydraulic high pressure system (250 Bar, 4.800 psi) works for many years without any maintenance. A change of oilfilter once a while and a change of oil every five to ten years, only. Due to the manual overrides at the valve controls, the system is even able to work when all electrical power sources broke down. It is driven by the high class Diesel-mainengine which keeps running even, if all of its electrical equipment is flooded.

To avoid the danger of fire aboard, all hydraulic lines and even fuel lines are made of steel and all electrical equipment is installed according to IP67 and IP68, waterproof. All cables are well sized heavy gauge rubber coated cables according to Germanischer Lloyd. Additionally all cables run in heavy plastic hoses type German PG Wellrohr for protection and easy replacement.

Simplicity, reliability and best quality systems guarantee hassle-free sailing and cruising-fun without permanent repairs to a crew of two!